about the project

The proposed Hualapai Valley Solar Project (HVS Project) is a 340MW concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in Mohave County, Arizona, approximately 27 miles north of Kingman and 100 miles south of Las Vegas on approximately 4,000 acres of private land. The HVS Project will use a proven technology that has been operational in the United States since the 1980ís.

The HVS Project will use CSP technology to capture heat generated by sunlight and turn that heat into electricity using the standard Rankine cycle process. The HVS Project will also store excess heat using molten salts so that it can provide electricity when it is most needed during on-peak hours.

The HVS Project is in the early design and permitting stages, with a construction start anticipated in November 2010 and start of operations in June 2013. HVS is working with Fichtner Solar of Germany (www.fichtnersolar.com), the leading worldwide designer of concentrating solar trough projects, to design the project.

about the project site

The following characteristics associated with the HVS Project site make it ideal for a solar project:
  • 1. High incoming solar radiation (insolation) value
  • 2. Minimal slope
  • 3. Proximity to electric grid
  • 4. Water availability
  • 5. Proximity to transportation corridors
  • 6. Located on private land

hualapai valley team

Mitchell Dong, Executive Director
Greg Bartlett, Managing Director
Mike LaRow, Environmental Director
Rob Marsh, Financial Director

project status

HVS has completed the preliminary design of the project and is using that now as a basis for discussions with the public and other stakeholders, county officials, state permitting agencies, and federal permitting agencies. HVS is moving to the next stage of project design, which will further define the project while taking into consideration the input and comments received from the public, other stakeholders, and permitting authorities. HVS anticipates this stage of design taking approximately one year.

Current View of Site

Current View of Site

Location of Site

Location of Site

Project Overlaid on Site

Rendering of Completed Site

rendered images from the site

Site Render

Site Render

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